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-Traditional Bows-

My name is Tim Jones, and I'm the owner and bowyer at Hatchie Bows. I've been building quality traditional reflex/deflex bows for 20 years.  Our goal is to promote traditional archery by offering a straight-shooting rugged bow that looks nice and is capable of taking any game animal. I stand behind my bows with a 2-year replacement warranty.  


Whether you are hunting big game or shooting targets, these bows will meet your needs.

          Quality custom bows priced right.

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Hatchie Bows currently offers take-down reflex/deflex style bows. I chose this style bow as the first to be offered on my site because it's my first choice for a hunting bow. The limbs can't be twisted, and yet they still have more than enough curve to prevent the bow from kicking when you shoot, providing the best of both worlds. The result is a great shooting bow that can still be taken down for easy carry on those out-of-town dream hunts.

NOTE: The prices below will cover most all wood available.  However, there are some exceptions.  Wood choices also depend upon availability.  The customer will have the choice of wood type, length of the bow and poundage.  All bows are made with the same quality and performance.  

Since the Hatchie Bottom is known for having a lot of snakes, we call our take down reflex/deflex design the pit viper series.

For bows with a heavier draw weight we recommend Diamondwood or a very strong wood in part or all of the riser.

If you have any questions about wood types then contact us and we will be glad to help you. 

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Daniel Langford,
Deer & Turkey Hunter

Tim introduced me to traditional bowhunting, and made me the finest traditional bow I have ever seen. I took  my biggest buck with it!

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Tim Jones 

or call  (731) 435-6275

Thanks for reaching out!

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